Lingerie Solutions and Shapewear Guide Best suited for your Body Type

Shapewear is not just some piece of cloth, rather it is every woman's one secret best friend that helps her to disguise any little bump or lump anywhere in the body, create smooth and well-structured body shape, and most importantly boost up her inner confidence by bringing out the best in front. There is a whole range of various shapewear and lingerie items available in the market to choose from. Depending upon your body shape/ type or any specific part of your body which needs to be shaped up a little bit to look more perfect and attractive, you can select a specific type of shapewear accordingly. As we all have diverse body types, so first of all, you must know what is the shape of your body, and what is suitable to make it look perfect. For that first, you got to know your own body shape, personal preferences and then choose any shapewear.

Not any lingerie or shapewear that is body-hugging and skin-tight may be the right choice to wear beneath your dress. Rather you should choose according to the dress you're going to wear (depending on the occasion), or according to your comfort level, if you wish to wear on a daily basis. Most important thing is your body shape that can be calculated with your bust, waist and hip size.

​Basic Female Body Shapes

  • Most commonly there are four female body shapes,
  • Apple (Downward Triangle),
  • Banana (Straight/ rectangular),
  • Pear (Spoon/ Bell Or Upward Triangle) and
  • Hourglass (Opposing triangle).

These are the basic body types, which then further be classified into more shapes depending upon the size of the body. A perfect fit lingerie, according to your body type, is what you must strive for to look perfectly shaped, perky and of course to feel comfortable. Right kind of shapewear is available for every body type, and depending on your personal preferences or particular area you want to disguise, you can select your shapewear. It's crucial to calculate your body shape rightly. Thus you can work to beautify accordingly rather than the opposite of it. This will also help you to pick perfectly fit clothes for you.

  1. ​Perfect Shapewear and Lingerie for Apple Shaped Body

Most of the women body shapes fall under this category. Apple-shaped body means that you have wide shoulders and bust, with a narrower hip line. This body shape has a larger upper portion and smaller sized lower bottom in comparison to bust and shoulders. These women tend to have chubby arms (usually, not always) and bigger chest in comparison to hips.

Possible Problems with Apple-shaped body and Lingerie Guide:

With larger bust section and squeezed hip area, most likely issues with this shape may be

  • undefined waist,
  • Love handles,
  • Back fat.
  • Belly fat,
  • and thin legs.

In this case, you should wear High-waist control briefs, high-waist shaper, with a correct sized bra. This will give you a firm and structured control. Do not go for full bodysuits. This will resolve your midsection issues. Your waist, rear and abs will look slim and in shape.

Choosing Lingerie and Shapers for Banana-shaped Body

You are a real slim girl from top to bottom. Women with Banana shaped body have almost same sized upper and lower portion of their body. Breast, shoulders, waist and hips have similar measurements. To be very precise, their waist is almost 9 inches less than bust or hip size.

Possible Issues and Shapewear Guide:

As your whole body is very thin or have similar measurements, so you must try to cut down the size of your waist a little bit. This will enhance your breast and hip line a bit. For that try strapless bodysuits that have wired cups. Wired cups will give a boost and standard shape to your breast. Or wear Full figure control high-waist body brief. These are great to give uplift and perfect round shape to your bums and reasonable control to all body.

Choosing Lingerie and Shapers for Pear-shaped Body

Having a pear-shaped body means that your bottom line is greater in size than your breast section. This body shape is also called spoon or bell, as the upper body portion is smaller than the lower, like a bell, or a pear. This means that you got a curvy lower body while having a huge butt, hips and thighs.

Possible Issues and Shapewear Guide:

Well, there are not many problems with this body type. You just need to keep your hip line and legs in shape. For that matter try using control leggings, High waist-shapers, waistline slimmer, firm control shorts, and slip shapers. These will give a rigid posture and controlled shape to your body. Nonetheless, a flat stomach is a must whatever body shape you have.

Choosing Lingerie and Shapers for Hourglass-shaped Body

Hourglass body shape is considered the ideal body type and mostly western women want to get this shape. Hourglass shaped body have balanced bust and hips with narrow and beautifully defined perfect waist. Most these women have a perfectly round bottom with a proportionate upper body and perfect legs.

Perfect Shapewear for Hourglass shaped body:

Balanced hips and bust provide perfect looking body to these women. While having a full bust, properly defined the waist, and appropriately shaped rear, anything suits. Women with this body shape have liberty to play with different sort of dresses easily. What shapewear these women should prefer depend on upon which part of the body they want to smooth out. To get all over fitted and sleek shape including narrow waist, smooth legs and curvy lower portion, you must go for the full body suit. To get the firmly controlled waist and hip-lining, go for full body wrap high waist cinch and long-panty. Shapewear Leggings will suits you most if you have long legs and want to slim thighs, hips, and butt.

Whichever category your body shape fall in, an entirely fit lingerie/ shapewear will enhance and beautify your whole look while hiding out any loose ends you may have.