Welcoming the Joy of my life.

Having welcomed my second newborn barely one year ago, I have experience under my belt on how to prepare for the expected baby. When mothers hear of preparations for a newborn, all one thinks about are the clothing for the baby. This is a mistake made by majority of first time mothers including me! The best thing is that I learnt from my mistakes that made the preparations for my second newborn a success giving me total enjoyment for about one year now. Below are top 8 items that a mother must have before the arrival of the baby.

Nipple cream

Nipples are prone to cracks that lead to painful wounds. The cracks are caused by wrong breastfeeding techniques that are common with new mothers. Mothers should get some counselling and I highly suggest getting help from some psych.Marriage counselling can help you preserve sanity between yourself and your newborn.This makes breastfeeding of the new bundle of joy a nightmare. Before the birth of the baby, you need to identify the right nipple cream made with natural and organic ingredients which are safe for the baby. For example, there are some nipple creams derived from lanolin or coconut oil that you do not need to wash out when breastfeeding the baby. The cream keeps the nipples lubricated and soft hence keeping off the cracks.

Baby clothing

I know that this is an obvious requirement that every mother knows about. However, a lot can go wrong when choosing the baby wears as you need to consider the sensitive skin of the baby and weather condition. In this case, choose warm clothes for cold seasons and light wears for summer made from pure cotton material to avoid skin irritation.


Handling a cranky baby sucks! This is primarily caused by nappy rash or wetness. Having packs of diapers keeps your baby dry and comfortable day and night. Use of clothe-diapers when at home while reserving disposable diapers for use when out or traveling is highly economical as diapers can be rather expensive.

Swaddle blankets

This type of blanket is essential in the first few months of the baby’s life. Swaddle blankets with Velcro are safe and easy to wrap round the baby as they are well fitting, adequately warm and comfortable for the baby.

Baby video monitor

When I gave birth to my first baby, I had constant fears about the safety of my baby that kept me awake for many hours each night since I did not have a baby video monitor. Buying a monitor was the best decision I ever made as this gave me peace of mind. You can get a baby monitor with the desired features from baby products stores near you.

Baby nursing pillow

Baby nursing pillow or breastfeeding pillow holds your baby in the appropriate position and at the level of the breast. This pillow is the best gift for the newborns as it helps them to breastfeed adequately without getting tired.

Baby carriers

I have experienced that baby carriers enhances the bond between the mom or dad and the baby within the first few months. The carrier allows you to perform other household chores while carrying the baby.

Baby car seat

You will agree with me that a baby car seat makes it possible for you to drive around with your baby in the car. I highly recommend the convertible and combined baby car seat as it keeps the baby safe in the car.

Purchasing the above baby supplies makes parenting for the newborn easy and fun!